15 septiembre 2013

Water away from the award of concession contracts

Concessions in the water sector
are often subject to specific and complex arrangements
which require a particular consideration
given the importance of water as a public good of fundamental value
to all EU citizens.  
The special features of those arrangements
justify exclusion in the field of water from the scope of this
The exclusion will cover works and services concessions
to provide or operate fixed networks
intended to provide a service to the public
in connection with the production, transport or distribution
of drinking water
or supply drinking water to such networks.  
Concession services for disposal or treatment
of sewage
and for hydraulic engineering projects,
or land drainage
(provided that the volume of water 
to be used for the supply of drinking water  
represents more than 20 % of the total volume of 
water made available by such 
projects or irrigation 
or drainage installations) 
shall also be excluded
insofar as they are connected with 
an the activity referred to above.

Si hace dos años alguien 
me hubiese dicho que hoy estaría leyendo estas cosas, 
no le hubiese creído. 

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